About Us


COTH is a mindful homegrown contemporary label based in India, founded by Sanchi Arora in 2020 and joined by her younger sister Manvi Arora. 

Fun Facts About Our Founders:

Sanchi pursued a degree in Fashion Design and Masters in Luxury Brand Management at LCF & Istituto Marangoni (London) while Manvi studied Fashion Styling at Istituto Marangoni (Paris).

Fashion is in their blood, having come from a family that has created many successful brands in the industry – from Arora Brothers (their wholesale textile family business) to Prima Czar (a luxury men’s tailoring boutique).

With a 6-year age gap between them, our co-founders have contrasting and at the same time complementary fashion philosophies – Manvi incorporating her experimental Gen Z sensibilities while Sanchi balances it out with her minimalist Millennial point of view.


How Did COTH Come About?

In a market where fashion brands are infamous for creating incredible amounts of waste, our founders were inspired to create a brand that is all about the desire to change the status quo. Even if it is a small change at a time.

In particular, the immense amount of textile deadstock generated from their family’s wholesale business was a huge factor in pushing them to experiment with creating a collection to extend their useful life.

And hence COTH was born. A brand that seeks to empower the new generation to make more conscious choices with their brand - one piece of apparel at a time.

Our Mission 

COTH is here to re-define the narrative of contemporary fashion by focusing on what’s truly important- Conscious consumption, craftsmanship and empowerment. 

Through our zero-waste practices, and non-gender conforming apparel we seek to provide the youth with an entryway to sustainability without compromising on their ability to express their individuality through fashion.

COTH: Czar of the Hood, literally means ‘Leader of the Hood’ and we’re not here to just think better, or do bigger, but we’re here to make an Impact that matters”.