COTH: Czar of the Hood, literally means ‘Leader of the Hood’ and we’re not here to just think better, or do bigger, but we’re here to make an Impact that matters”.

Sanchi Arora with her creative better half and sister Manvi Arora have come together to create a series of cultural artwork reflecting in their designs that simply shout out “LIVE VICTORIOUSLY”. We’re here to celebrate all the perfect moments and all the crazy differences big or small, planned or spontaneous instead of feuding over them. The stories we have, the journeys we go on, the moments that inspire us along the way.


Sanchi spent 6 years of education studying the in-depth of fashion. Well while you’re studying hard, aren’t you partying harder!?! That life in London made her fall in love with street culture and how it vastly varies in every 'hood', whether it's within London, or here in Bombay, and she unknowingly got inclined towards streetwear as a by product of it. That, right there, was the birth of ‘COTH’


We look forward to empower anyone and everyone whose voices have been silenced in the chaos of the society. The 'Hood' in our name doesn't just imply 'neighbourhood', it stands for 'Womanhood', 'Manhood', 'Sisterhood', an unlimited blanket of possibilities! We intend to rid ourselves of all typical stereotypes or mistaken beliefs, eliminate labels, and be inclusive of all.