Introducing myself - SANCH

Heyy CZAR/ina's!

(P.s- If you don't know yet, CZAR/ina is our non-binary term for an Emperor or Empress, and we at COTH truly believe each one of us has one within us and we direct all our conversations to the CZAR/ina within you, so unleash your inner CZAR/ina and continue reading )

I'm Sanchi, and I'm yet to finalise what single title I wish to go for meanwhile Im the founder, designer, managing director etc at COTH. I feel like I can't introduce myself without talking about my educational background, so here we go :

I pursued my BA in Fashion Design from Istituto Marangoni, London where I also proceeded to do my masters (mainly because I wasn’t ready to come back to India yet, JK,…or not) in Luxury Brand Management.

My education in fashion as well as the 6 years spent in London, studying, interning and well partying made me fall in love with street culture and how it vastly varies in every 'hood', whether its different areas within London, or Bombay and I unknowingly got inclined towards streetwear as a byproduct of it.

With COTH : Czar of the Hood, literally meaning leader of the hood, I aim to empower everyone whose voices have been silenced. The 'Hood' in our name doesn't just imply 'neighbourhood', we are here to stand for 'Womanhood', 'Manhood', 'Sisterhood', well you get the gist. We are not here for any stereotypes or labels, we aim to be inclusive to all. After all, streetwear is more than your stereotypical douchy 'hype beast' and we're here to prove that.

I’ve always been a person who falls into extreme ends on the spectrum of dressing - Glammed up or shabby af, there was no in-between & with COTH I aim to make the lazy-shabby days more presentable, focusing on designing styles that are effortless to style but are extremely well crafted with the best textiles (Courtesy, my family business of over 30 years - Arora Brothers, luxury textile trading, best in the game, DM for deets, end of shameless advertisement so my brand remains funded) and techniques, making it the ultimate luxury streetwear pieces that are versatile enough to sport almost anywhere, except well maybe, the White House parliament meeting, but you do you minister!

This blog is a random journal where we’ll occasionally brain dump stuff that we wish to talk about regarding the BTS of running a fashion business; some challenges, some achievements, some bragging but mostly modest-ness and any topics that interest us so join us on this journey to change the world, because each one of us truly have the power to!

Until next time,


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